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Well, it's simple also it can be described as a sort of bandwagon. Many people got on it and everybody followed. Now the issue is when you do not get onto it too, you'll lose out. This is exactly what many companies all over the world are starting to learn. Particularly bring brand names like Sony Ericsson and Motorola. Playing meet up with Apple has seen them release plenty of not-so-good mobile handsets when really they should hone in around the good mobiles they already have.

Apple's discharge of the iPod was said to be the real catalyst of this increase in mobile technology and it is correct that many people own iPhones and iPads.

That's where mobile marketing comes in. Mobile marketing enables companies in many sectors for example travel and retail to transmit promotional messages and vouchers via Bluetooth and SMS for example. An immediate, targeted approach to connecting with limitless clients.

Importantly, companies such as Facebook announced only yesterday they see the future as being mobile. Based on reports, Facebook happens to be seeing positive results using its dedicated mobile apps. The company now has 150 million active mobile users. Astonishingly it has acquired 50 million of these users since Feb of this year... See the power mobile marketing might have?


Google's mobile platform, Android, has witnessed the development of many android mobile apps which may be downloaded onto any cell phone that supports this platform. It currently can't compete with Apple but perhaps eventually when it is more polished, Android is a real contender.

So - who exactly is embracing mobile marketing. The answer is, any company that you can find promoting its services in some shape or form in the mobile apps stores... Newspapers are beginning to understand for example, that in two decades its unlikely that many people will still want a printed version but will instead be utilising some kind of e-book to read the daily news. That is what makes Apple and it is iPhone mobile apps so powerful - Apple can connect to millions of people through its handsets.

"Ok, fair enough", I hear you say, "but my company can't rival the likes of Facebook"... But that's where you're wrong, mobile marketing has the ability to get in touch with more potential clients and/or create brand loyalty to make sure that your visitors could keep returning.

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